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A large collection of software for handling event-by-event data. The gavsort programme itself is a script written in TCL/TK that
lauches a server programme called gsserver. You control what the sort does by changing the user_sortfile_xxx.c  file that is compiled
to produce gsserver. Features include:

Autogainmatching and Autodriftmatching
Handling of composite detectors.
Sorting into MySQL databases.
Polygonal gating.

If you want to use this stuff for the first time you will need help to get started. See me.

Bug Fix or New Feature
01/02/12 STEFF@ILL Presort included
30/06/05 gavsort databases extended to allow BinaryLargeOBjects (BLOBs) and Short Arrays in events
30/06/05 modifications to gavsort_utils.c - Now includes gain shift tracking code. Tested.
user_sortfile_ill.c produces time-gated gg matrices from mb_constructor data


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ACORN is for the results of angular correlation analysis. It uses a built-in level-scheme structure to calculate a2 and a4 coeficients. It includes fitting for mixing ratios.

Bug Fix or New Feature
28/02/07 acorn.tar.gz put on site: bug fix included to allow generation of a2/a4 even when no DOFs


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GFIT fits the data from the gammasphere g-factor experiment. Extracts a2,a4 and precession angle. Written with help from D.Patel.

Bug Fix or New Feature
28/02/07 gfit.tar.gz put on site


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VIVA fits the data from the Euroball plunger lifetime experiments. Written with help from R. Wall.

Bug Fix or New Feature
28/02/07 viva.tar.gz put on site


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Fragment-gamma correlation code. .

Bug Fix or New Feature
28/02/07 fgfit.tar.gz put on site


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DATA_VIEW  enables viewing and fitting of  1D and 2D  histograms. Simply download, gunzip
and tar -xvf to create the data_view directory. Type "make" in the directory to rebuild the

Bug Fix
30/06/05 I was stupid and put the wrong version up. Anybody downloading recently will have a version with a buggy 2D display. Please update.
03/09/04 Fixed crash when fit to spectrum is performed without reading of 2D matrix.

Current version 1.1 Last modified 30/06/05

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A set of programs to allow deconvolution of STEFF NaI Spectra.Notes

Bug Fix
30/05/2013 Programme put on site
02/07/13 Version 0.2. dcspec with xmgrace output

Current version 0.2 Last modified 02/07/13

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