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This project relates to the use of STEFF with the EXOGAM array at the ILL (EXILL). The plan is to manufacture a small central chamber and a new start detector.



The upgrade of STEFF for NFS involves mounting STEFF on a new base frame that will allow the extension of the time-of-flight arms simply by moving the STOP and Bragg detectors back along a system of rails. Extra flight tubes will be inserted on either side. The project is supported by an EPSRC grant. The aim of the extended flight arms is to get the mass resolution down to around 1%.The letter of intent may be found here.

Engineering drawings for the proposed layout may be found here.

The NFS developments also include new segmented secondary-electron detectors.


New START detector

To enable the use of circular channel plates a new START detector housing has been constructed. See here for engineering diagrams.